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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Pslf Fillable Form

Instructions and Help about Pslf Fillable Form

What's up everybody, it's Megan Landris from Student Loan Planner. - This is going to be a how-to video on how to complete the Employment Certification Form. - The Employment Certification Form is for those who are pursuing PSLF (Public Service Loan Forgiveness). - So, you either work for a non-profit, a 501c3 entity, or a government entity and you are pursuing the loan forgiveness program that will forgive your loans after you make 120 qualifying payments. - The Employment Certification Form is how you tell the student loan system that you are pursuing the program, and it's how they confirm that your employer is eligible and that you have the right types of loans. - What it does is it goes back and it counts up your payments historically all the way back until when you started with that employer. - This form is very important. - We recommend submitting this one time a year. - You do not have to, but we think it's a good practice because they don't continuously qualify payments as time goes on. - They'll recognize that you've made payments, but they won't qualify them until they have a new Employment Certification Form on file because they don't know if you're still there. - So, this form is very important, a great way to keep a pulse on where you're at with your payment count as time goes on. - It's also a great way to catch any issues or problems before you're at the finish line. - It's much easier to fix a problem that happened within the last year than it would be to fix a problem when you're sitting at the 10-year mark and it happened nine or eight years ago. - So, I think it's a great proactive thing to...